Life Insurance - Choosing the Right Life Insurance Policy

Which type of policy is right for you – Term, or Permanent?  This can depend on many factors, your financial resources, how much coverage you need and how long the coverage is intended to last. 

Term Life Insurance provides the most coverage for your premium dollar during the initial years of your policy.  Coverage is purchased for a limited time period and pays a death benefit if you die during that period.

Permanent Life Insurance can provide lifetime protection, guaranteed against lapse, and builds cash values that increase through interest crediting rates.

Whole Life Insurance provides a fixed premium, guaranteed cash value and a guaranteed death benefit.

Survivorship Life Insurance helps provide money to pay estate taxes or to continue a business.  It insures two people with a death benefit that is paid when the second person dies.

Not sure which to choose?  Let us help you find the right policy. 

Life insurance policies contain exclusions, limitations, reductions of benefits and terms for keeping them in force.  Our licensed financial professionals can provide you with costs and complete details.  Just contact us to schedule an obligation-free consultation with a licensed member of our staff.